30 September 2016

News of another little man

The arrival of 2014 brought with it the news that we were being blessed with another beautiful boy. We could never have known how this beautiful soul would forever change our lives and complete our family...

Love this crazy child of mine

Special children

Learning to ride his big-boy bike on a camping trip

Dump trucks and beach sand

Boat ride with grandpa

Special memories

First big walk

Holiday fun with my buddy

Swimming, jumping, running, playing

First school Christmas play. That face is too much for me!

...We have another babe on the way!

Birthday ring at school

It's going to be a blue one!


Very special family holiday in the mountains

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Turning 4 - pirate party!


My heart

28 September 2016

The year he turned 3...

Here is a glimpse of what our 2013 looked like with our beautiful son:

The newest, cheekiest addition to our family. Meet Bentley.

Best friends from Day 1.

Those curls...

Precious boy

Giving some love to my first baby, Kiara

Family holiday up North - getting up close and personal with a cheetah

This child is so loved

With his nanny Maureen

Family holiday to the Drakensberg mountains.Cold!


Going for a hike with my big sister

December camping trip

What camping is all about...riding bikes with gumboots after bath time!

Turning 3. Garbage truck themed party. Yes, he was obsessed with rubbish trucks!

Mom's attempt at a rubbish truck cake :)

Happy 3rd birthday my little man!

Looking back...

So, in order to move forward with this blog, I think it's important that I take a little time to look back over the last couple of years. So I've put together a small collection of the literally thousands of photographs I have of my big boy...just to get us up to date again...

So I'll start with a look at the rest of 2012:

Our family holiday to Cape Town

Totally blown away at the bird park

Our little beach boy

Turning 2! Farm animal themed party

Our beautiful family

Birthday cake rocks!

Little brother and his big sisters

Family Christmas's are so important to our family...grandpa with his two grandbabies. How you would've loved them mom...

Time to come back

Despite my best attempts, I was always awful at keeping a diary when I was growing up. I would try so hard and write something every night - for about a week. And then I would dissappear again for a month or two until the urge hit me again.

Well, it seems I have the same level of consistency when it comes to keeping a blog up to date. So, um, this time it's about three YEARS later, but hey ho, moving on!

The main reason I started this blog was to document my son's life so as not to forget all the mundane, everyday things that I know I will miss so much when he is grown up. I now have two sons (alot has happened since I last wrote) and I am getting those same terrified twinges. He's already 18 months old and chaging every day. Already I'm starting to forget what his teeny tiny newborn body felt like in my arms. It goes too quickly.

I hope I can be more vigilant this time around and have promised myself that I will try my best to write as often as possible. I don't want to forget all these precious childhood moments - it's so fleeting. We are given our children for such a short period of time and before we know it they are off into the world and living their own lives.

So I will start with a bit of a photo recap of the past couple of years and then hopefully catch up on what's happened since the arrival of little man #2...