28 September 2016

The year he turned 3...

Here is a glimpse of what our 2013 looked like with our beautiful son:

The newest, cheekiest addition to our family. Meet Bentley.

Best friends from Day 1.

Those curls...

Precious boy

Giving some love to my first baby, Kiara

Family holiday up North - getting up close and personal with a cheetah

This child is so loved

With his nanny Maureen

Family holiday to the Drakensberg mountains.Cold!


Going for a hike with my big sister

December camping trip

What camping is all about...riding bikes with gumboots after bath time!

Turning 3. Garbage truck themed party. Yes, he was obsessed with rubbish trucks!

Mom's attempt at a rubbish truck cake :)

Happy 3rd birthday my little man!

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